Preventing Warranty Leakage

A comprehensive warranty strategy should combine data analytics, process analysis and supplier engagement. Please click here for a complimentary copy of our Warranty Leakage report.


  • Warranty Leakage - Systemic and behavioral issues can result in warranty leakage throughout the potential recovery lifecycle.

  • Warranty Framework - A coordinated toolbox should be utilized to minimize repair costs and maximize claim recovery.

  • Warranty Process - System requirements and ways of working at all levels of the organization should be examined to identify bottlenecks, handoffs, exception processes and communication breakpoints.

  • Warranty Analytics - Repair events should be compared to warranty agreements to identify opportunities to eliminate warranty leakage. System generated alerts should notify team members when a component is under warranty.

  • Scorecards - Visually intuitive scorecards should be developed and readily accessible to stakeholders.