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This paper provides an overview of the cloud computing market as well as the impact of recent market developments on cost models and SLAs. Additionally, it examines the steps that organizations can take to ensure their contracts are aligned to the current market environment. Key takeaways include:

  • Market Penetration - As of mid-2014, 87% of tech executives reported utilizing outsourced computing power for at least one task.
  • Market Growth - The service areas that comprise the cloud computing market are expected to grow at a 20-45% CAGR through 2018.
  • Price War Impact - Price wars between the major players have caused prices to decline by 20-80% in the past year, depending on the service provided.
  • SLA Developments - Recent developments in the market are changing the traditional structure of contracts. A greater emphasis should be placed on SLA requirements and penalties.
  • Sourcing Impact - Escalating price wars and service differentiation have rendered many organizations' cost models and SLAs obsolete. Procurement Departments should engage with IT to ensure pricing and SLAs reflect their organization's needs and the current market dynamics.
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