Course: Cash Management

Efficient cash management can release cash and mitigate exposure to vulnerable customers.


Course Outline:

  1. Cash Management Essentials
  2. Effective Data Collection and Analysis
  3. Mapping of Current State
  4. Root Couse Analysis
  5. Hypothesis Testing
  6. Prioritize Initiatives
  7. Customer Engagement
  8. Implementation of Scorecards

Exercise Example:

  • Root Cause Analysis:
    In this exercise, the root causes are identified through process mapping to determine roadblocks to efficient collection.

Expectations Upon Completion

  • Understanding of cash management essentials
  • Skills to pull data from multiple sources to summarize invoice by customer, business unit, commodity, office or service
  • Capability to map contract to cash processes
  • Knowledge to create and prioritize hypothesis to root cause and initiatives
  • Ability to use scorecards effectively
Supplier Risk Identification & Management | Cost Analysis